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Parts of our website are available for industry members only, and are accessible by password- just click the ‘Members’ button in the MENU above. If you believe you are eligible and require a password, please contact Anna Tier via email on

NZ blackcurrants shown to be a true superfood–again!

You may have seen recent news on scientific research that demonstrates how consuming New Zealand blackcurrants (in this case the Blackadder variety) can help with the treatment of illnesses like depression, anxiety and early stage Parkinson’s disease. It’s yet another confirmation that New Zealand blackcurrants’ world-leading levels of anthocyanins give them verifiable healing qualities that we’re only beginning to explore.

New Zealand blackcurrants are available in supermarkets, health food stores and online as frozen whole fruit, jams, cordials, snack foods, supplements and juices. Make sure to pick pure New Zealand blackcurrants every time to reap the full benefit of this powerful fruit.

Visit our news feed for more on the promise and limitations of the recent Blackadder research, as well as a further information from Plant and Food Research, who conducted the study.

At the heart of the New Zealand blackcurrant industry

As the recognised New Zealand product group, Blackcurrants New Zealand is the place where blackcurrant growers, buyers, researchers, breeders and marketers come together.

On this website you’ll find information such as research into the unique health benefits of New Zealand blackcurrants and material tailored to the needs of industry members.

TO SOURCE OUR BLACKCURRANTS: Please visit our Links page for contact details for exporters and processors. Information on grower websites and other industry organisations is also provided.

Our compact size is your guarantee of quality, safety, and reliability

New Zealand is the largest Southern hemisphere supplier of blackcurrants, and accounts for about 5% of world production. We have 37 growers who farm approximately 1700 hectares and produce around 8,000 tonnes of fruit every year.

That’s small by world standards.

But it also allows for the creation of a highly integrated and well-organised industry. And that’s what makes us agile, responsive to our customers, and able to focus on quality, safety and innovation in a way that larger producers simply can’t match.

The New Zealand blackcurrant industry offers:

  • A good selection of blackcurrant varieties – allowing you to select for the berry characteristics you require
  • Full traceability
  • Guaranteed GE-free product
  • Pesticide residue compliant products using systems and monitoring procedures developed over the last 20 years
  • Inventory control systems that guarantee consistent supply throughout the year
  • Contra seasonal supply in times of shortfall in the North
  • Higher levels of healthy anthocyanins than our competitors

A world-leading farming & business culture

New Zealand has been a proud farming nation since the 19th century, and has a long history of successful agricultural development.

It’s also one of the best places in the world to do business. It has topped Transparency International’s list of least corrupt nations* in the world for several years running, and ranked 1st in Forbes magazine’s list of ‘Best Countries for Business’ in 2012.

In other words, doing business with New Zealand means doing business with confidence.

To locate suppliers of raw or processed blackcurrants, visit the ‘Links’ page to find contact details for growers, exporters and processors.

Or visit the ‘Blackcurrant Benefits page to find out more about why New Zealand blackcurrants are your best choice for exceptional fruit from a top-quality industry.

Please browse our website to learn more about us, New Zealand blackcurrants, and why we’re so in love with them!

* New Zealand was 1st equal with Denmark in 2013.


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